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The Master Link LIst of LJ's Stamping Communities, Part 2
STAMPING COMMUNITY v. stamp, stamp·ing, stamps v. intr.

1)A community created for entertainment purposes, where users post personal photos and/or fill out questionnaires/applications, and other users vote on which given character/person/object the applicant most resembles/acts like.


Welcome to the Master Rating List, where you should be able to find EVERY stamping/rating community you could possibly take in the infinitesimally deep chasm that is LJ, part two!

The original community, stamping_comms, would seem to be abandoned, so we have decided to make up a temporary reloaded version of stamping_comms .

To add yourself to this list, please Follow these Rules.

As this community is still new, please expect grammatical/coding/linking errors. Estimation time for completely copying the entire list (+ new communities) is December 15. Thank you for your cooperation~!

Finally, ratelist only allows posting by its mods. But feel free to add ratelistmod to your friends list to keep up-to-date on new ratings to join!

So let's get rockin'~ Sift through the links, pick one that interests you, send in your application posts/votes, tell me of new communities, suggest ideas, and have fun!