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Rating/Stamping community list


11/10/08 03:15 pm - ratelistmod - Master List


You can find out how to be added to this list in the rules.

ALL entries who do not follow the steps will be indiscriminately ignored/deleted.

Categories have the general (meaning, not series specific, but topic specific) ratings at the beginning. Category titles read like this: In the following communities, you will be voted as ....

LJ Stamping communities

Movie Characters

1776_stamps - 1776
agstamps - Amazing Grace
nolanverserate -Batman Begins, The Dark Knight
hsm_identity High School Musical
indy_stamps - Indiana Jones movies

Television Series Characters

ai7stamps - American Idol Season 7
sunnydalestamps - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
crow_stamping - Crow, The
dresden_rating - Dresden (movie and book)
farscape_stamp - Farscape
firefly_stamps - Firefly
ghstamps - General Hospital
house_md_stamp - House M.D.
ja_stamps - John Adams miniseries
spn_stamping - Supernatural
tscc_rating - Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
tinman_stamps - Tinman

Book/Story/Comic Characters

princesse_stamp Female royalty (princesses, queens, ladies, sorceresses)
janeausten_rate - Jane Austen books

bifn_rating - Blue is for Nightmares
dresden_rating - Dresden (movie and book)
diffindo_elite - Harry Potter sorting (hybrid)
westerosorting - Song of Ice and Fire

Stage Characters

princesse_stamp Female royalty (princesses, queens, ladies, sorceresses)
phantom_rating ("Phantom of the Opera" Rating)
leading_ladies ("Leading Ladies" Rating)

wicked_rating ("Wicked" Rating)
broadway_stamps ("Broadway Stamps" Rating)
rent_stamping ("Rent" Rating [2])
ladieswholunch ("Ladies Who Lunch" Rating)
rhps_rating ("Rocky Horror Picture Show" Rating)
i_am_slain ("Shakespearian Tragic Figures" Rating)
_tobeornottobe ("Shakespeare" Rating)
seramyu_rate ("Seramyu" Rating)
chicago_rating ("Chicago" Rating)
newsies_stamps ("Newsies" Rating)
lionkingstamps ("The Lion King" Rating)
macbethstamping ("Macbeth" Rating)

Cartoon Characters

lk_stamps - Liberty's Kids

Anime/Game/Manga Characters (General, Series)

anivil_stamps -Anime/Manga villians
ky_rating -Kaori Yuki(Angel Sanctuary, count Cain)
yuki_rating - works by Kaori Yuki
clamp_rating - Clamp
fighting_rating Female fighters
minekura_rating - Minekura Kazuya

justiceratings - Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice
azumanga_rating - Azumanga Daioh
bleach_rating - Bleach
arrancar_rating - Bleach Arrancars
bof_stamps - Breath of Fire
clow_ratings - Card Captor Sakura
chbts_rating - Chobits
chrno_rating - Chrno Crusade
chrono_rating - chrono cross
cc_stamps - chrona cross
bebop_rating - Cowboy Bebop
dn_stamps - Death Note
digi_rating - Digimon
dnangel_rating - DN Angel
dk_stamping - Dragon Knight
fighting_rating Fierce Beauty
ff_ratings - Final Fantasy
mog_dance - Final Fantasy
_cosmo_canyon_ - Final fantasy
ff_rating - Final Fantasy
finalfantasyfun - Final Fantasy
ff_reflection - Final Fantasy

midgar_rating - Final Fantasy VII
ultima_rating - Wark! Final Fantasy
finalfangirls - Final Fantasy Girls
flcl_rating - FLCL (FuriKuri)
furuba_rating - Fruits Basket
fm_a_rating - Fullmetal Alchemist
hagaren_rating - Fullmetal Alchemist
sinful_rating - Fullmetal Alchemist: Sins
fmp_rating - Full Metal Panic (Full metal Fumoffu)
fuyu_rating - Fushigi Yuugi
gravi_rating - Gravitation
gravirating - Gravitation
gwstamps - Gundam Wing
yasha_rating - Inuyasha
iy_ratings - Inuyasha
kkj_rating - Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
knm_rating - Kannazuki no Miko
stamp_a_hitman - Katekyo Hitman Reborn
keybladerating - Kingdom Hearts
kh_counterpart - Kingdom Hearts
o13_identity - Kingdom Hearts' Organization 13
kotor_rating - Knights of the Old Republic
ks_rating - Koutetsu Sangokushi
kkm_rating - Kyou Kara Maou
la_corda_stamps - La Corda
lovehina_rate - Love Hina
raburesu_rating - Loveless
mkr_rating - Magic Knight Rayearth
mai_stamps - Mai-HiME (My Hime)
marimite_rating - Maria-sama ga Miteru
mt_rating - Megatokyo
strahl_cadets - Meine Liebe
naruto_ratings - Naruto
ninjafy - Naruto
onepiece_rating - One Piece
nakama_ratings - One Piece
outlawstarrated - Outlaw Star
pitaten_rating - Pita-ten
pokeanime_rate - Pokemon
pokemontwinn - Pokemon
pretear_ratings - Pretear
tenipuri_rating - Prince of Tennis (Tenipuri)
rk_rating - Rurouni Kenshin
rk_ratings - Rurouni Kenshin
sm_rating -Sailor Moon
smrating -Sailor Moon
real_smsenshi -Sailor Moon
planet_princess -Sailor Moon
senshi_rating - Sailor Moon
sm_villains - Sailor Moon villians
seramyu_rate - Sailor Moon Musical (Seramyu)
champloo_rating - Samurai Champloo
despair_stamps - Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
shaman_rating - Shaman King
slamdunk_rating - Slam Dunk
shuffle_ratings - Shuffle
wish_house - Silent Hill
slayersrating- Slayers
sa_rating - Special A
tenchi_rating - Tenchi Muyo
caduceus_rating - Trauma Center
trigun_rating - Trigun
tsubasa_rating - Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
weiss_rate - Weiss Kreuz
wr_rating - Wolf's Rain
wolfs_rating - Wolf's Rain
x_rating - X (clamp)
ynm_rating - Yami no Matsuei
ygo_ratings - Yu-gi-Oh
ygo_rating - Yu-gi-Oh
ygoratings - Yu-gi-Oh
go_mirror_force - Yu-gi-Oh
gx_rating - Yu-gi-Ou GX

xxxholic_rating - xxxHolic
negima_rating - Negima
yuyu_rating - Yu Yu Hakusho
re__rating - Resident Evil
r_e_ratings - Resident Evil
sr_rating - School Rumble
ufobaby_rating - Daa! Daa! Daa!
ro_ratings - Ragnarok Online
soul_rating - Soul Calibur
sc_ratings - Soul Calibur
ct_rating - Chrona Trigger
tekken_rating - Tekken
hanakimi_rating - Hana Kimi
_dothack_rating - .//hack franchise
senkai_rating - Houshin Engi
dn_ratings - DN Angel
hg__rating - Hot Gimmick
pmkrating - Peace Maker Kurogane
_zelda_rating - Legend of Zelda
psoh_rating - Pet Shop of Horrors
ir_rating - Immortal Rain
tos_rating - Tales of Symphonia
nerima_rating - Ranma 1/2 (Nerima)
wannabe_standby - Wannabe Standby
lunar_rating - Lunar: Silver Star Story & Lunar 2: Eternal Blue
gash_rating - Gashbell
vandread_rating - Vandread
batenkaitosrate - Baten Kaitos
scryed_rating - s-CRY-ed
rvb_rating - Red vs. Blue
mb_rating - Marmalade Boy
marmaladerating Marmalade Boy
nyo_ratings - Di Gi charat
ulmaniac_rating - Ultra Maniac
fe_rating - Fire Emblem
xeno_rating - Xenosaga/Xenogears
bey_rating - Beyblade
bakuten_rating - Bakuten Shoot Beyblade
dgm_rating - D.Gray-Man
rozen_rating - Rozen Maiden, Traumend, Ouverture
rocket_ratings - Pokemon: Team Rocket
shadowh_rate - Shadow Hearts
dragoon_rate - Legend of Dragoon
scrapprinrating - Scrapped Princess
mai_rating - Mai HiMe
angels_rating - Angel Sanctuary
nana_mirror - Nana
saiyuki_mirror - Saiyuki
mai_rating - Mai HiMe
cv_rating - Castlevania
ouran_stampingz - Ouran High School Host Club
grave_rating - Gungrave
okage_rating - An Okage: Shadow King (Me and Satan King)
filgaia_rating - Wild Arms: Adaptor
higurashirating - Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni
monsterrating - Monster
hmc_stamp - Howl's Moving Castle
gb_rating - Get Backers
trinity_rating -Trinity Blood
lupin_rating - Lupin III
mcgee_ratings - American McGee
psychonaut_rate - Psychonaut
dnangel_rating - DN Angel
eureka7_rating - Eureka Seven
souleater_rate - Soul Eater

ankusabi_rating - Ai no Kusabi
miragerating - Mirage of Blaze
countcainrating - Godchild; Count Cain
sukisyo_ratings - Sukisyo/Sukisho/Suki na mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai!
sweepersrating - Black Cat

tutu_rating (Princess Tutu)
kckarin_rating - Kamichama Karim
sjgirls_rating - shonen jump girls
sa_rating - Special A

Real People

princesse_stamp Female royalty (princesses, queens, ladies, sorceresses)

girlicious_rtng - Girlicious
classic_rate - Classic actresses
keira_rate - Keira Knightley

General Interest


ratetheratings ("Rate the Ratings" Rating)
of_waterhouse ("John William Waterhouse" Rating)
pullip_stamps ("Pullip" Rating)
pres_stamps - American Presidents
fonderstamps - Founding Fathers
pixar_stamps - Pixar films
villainy_stamp - Villains/Anti-heros


11/10/08 03:14 pm - ratelistmod - ***Rules****

If you are thinking of adding your community to this listing, Please Add "stamping communities" To Its Interests RIGHT NOW.

This is to make sure that I can find your community when I do my weekly search, and for archival reasons. Also, this will boost traffic to your community, because people who search that interest will have more access to your community.


If you fail to follow the following steps correctly, your comment will be deleted, and the rating will not be added to this listing.

There are two ways a rating journal can be added:

1. Every Saturday, mod tamensei will search Livejournal with these interest keywords: "stamps", "rating", "rating community", "stamping community">. If she finds a community who isn't already on the list with one or more of these interests, she will either sent a message to the community or reply to their affiliation entry to ask if they want to be added to the list.

If the Community Says Yes, They Must Add ratelist to their Profile, or They Will Not Be Added.</lj>

New updates to the list will be added every week as an entry at ratelistmod</lj> on the weekends.

2. If you find a community that is not listed, please press Ctrl+F and run a search of your community theme (all versions and languages) at the Master List . If you still don't find your comm, and:

.... you are the community's maintainer, FOLLOW THESE STEPS:

1. Reply to this entry with the following form. Answers are placed in the "here".

2. Add 'stamping communities' to your interests if you have not already.
  1.  Place a link back to ratelist in your community's profile info.
  1. ratelistWhen you have done these three steps, find your original reply and reply to it saying you have completed the tasks. If I have not added you to the list within a month, please email us.</lj>

...if you are NOT the community maintainer, follow these steps:

    • 1. Enter your community name in the following search box, and click 'Find!'.
      Get your own code!

      If no replies containing the name show up, proceed to step two.

    • 2. Reply to this entry with the following form. Answers are placed in the "here".

    • 3. A mod will then carry out the first method with that community; you do not need to comment any more about this community, as your comment is recorded and will be read.

If you fail to follow any of these steps correctly, your comment will be deleted, and the rating will not be added to this listing. It's that simple~

By the way, I don't have the time to tell you give you the reasons for the fail right now. Until other mods arrive, you will have to fix them yourself.
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